I have been DXing since 1997. I am presently based in north St. Louis County, Missouri. I have also lived in Nebraska, and have traveled in all 50 US states as well as 10 Canadian provinces & territories, and a few other countries.

FM Dial Guide

FM Dial Guide at my location in north St. Louis County, Missouri, updated 12/4/2020 to reflect two call sign changes:

local = strong signal, minimal or no static, RDS and HD Radio consistently decode if available.
good = good, clearly listenable signal, minimal static, RDS typically decodes.
weak = station comes in except if a distant station overpowers it during DX events; audio quality varies but usually has some static.
very weak = station comes in consistently throughout the day, but can easily be overpowered by other signals; audio levels may be only minimally discernible in the static.
mix = two or more signals typically present, either colliding or fading one to the other. On some days only one or the other may be audible, but typical reception can be either station.

Reception strength is based on typical reception at noon, so as to not be influenced by typical stronger reception in the overnight and morning hours.

88.1 KDHX (local)
88.3 KJAB (weak)
88.5 mix of WGCA and KMST
88.7 WSIE (local)
89.1 KCLC (local)
89.5 KCFV (local)
89.7 KGNX (good)
89.9 WLCA (local)
90.7 KWMU (local)
91.1 WIBI (weak)
91.3 KBIA (very weak)
91.5 KSIV (local)
91.7 KJIR (weak)
91.9 K220HT (weak)
92.3 WIL (local)
92.7 W224DC (weak)
92.9 KGRC (weak)
93.1 KBDZ (good)
93.3 KLUQ (weak) – added 10/27
93.7 KSD (local)
94.1 KNBS (good)
94.3 W232CR (good)
94.7 KSHE (local)
95.1 K236CS (good)
95.5 KXBS (local)
95.7 KWWR (weak)
95.9 K240ES (weak)
96.3 WFUN (local)
96.7 K244FO (weak)
97.1 KFTK (local)
97.5 WBBA (weak)
97.7 KQBS (weak)
98.1 KYKY (local)
98.5 KTJJ (good)
98.7 K254CR (good)
99.1 KLJY (local)
99.5 WCOY (weak)
99.7 mix of WXAJ and KTTR
99.9 KFAV (local)
100.3 KATZ (local)
100.7 KFNS (local)
101.1 WXOS (local)
101.5 KPLA (very weak)
101.7 KWUL (local)
101.9 K270BW (good)
102.1 KJFM (weak)
102.5 KEZK (local)
102.9 K275CI (local)
103.3 KLOU (local)
103.7 W279AQ (good)
103.9 KMCR (very weak)
104.1 WHHL (local)
104.5 KSLQ (local)
104.7 W284DN (weak)
104.9 KLLT (local)
105.3 mix of K287BY and WAOX
105.7 KPNT (local)
106.1 mix of K291CW and WSMI
106.5 WARH (local)
106.9 KWEC-LP (weak)
107.1 mix of K296HA and WEAI
107.3 K297BI (good)
107.7 KSLZ (local)


TV Dial Guide

TV Dial Guide at my location in north St. Louis County, Missouri, updated 6/26/20 reflecting the current repack status:

14 – KNLC (strong signal)
16 – KDTL-LD (average signal, some loss)
19 – KPTN-LD (average signal, some loss)
23 – KETC (good signal but some errors)
24 – KMOV (strong signal)
26 – KPLR (strong signal)
28 – WRBU (strong signal)
30 – WODK-LD (signal present, but not consistently viewable)
31 – KDNL (strong signal)
33 – KTVI (strong signal)

Live dial scan powered by

Because of terrain, I do not have line-of-sight to any of the transmitters south of Hwy. 40 (I-64) in St. Louis/St. Louis County. I have no problems with basic reception most of the full-power stations (by measured signal strength) though interruptions can and do occur on any station. Reception of lower powered stations is intermittent and unreliable. I routinely get Hannibal/Quincy TV and FM stations at a distance of about 80-90 miles as the terrain opens up considerably to the northwest over the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

NOAA Weather Radio

All NOAA Weather Radio reception is weak here, although KDO89 162.550 St. Louis is the strongest signal. It is still not strong enough to consistently tone-alert in bad weather.  I can also receive WNG728 162.425 Bellflower and KXI70 162.450 Jerseyville.  Driving around my local area there are places where KXI70 in particular is the strongest signal but does not tone-alert warnings for this county.

DX Records

Some of my farthest DX logs are:

From Omaha, NE circa 2011:  NOAA Weather Radio WWG46, 162.500 MHz, Woodward, OK

From Panama City Beach, FL May 2000:  NOAA Weather Radio WXL41, 162.475 MHz, Buras, LA

From near Charleston, SC May 2019:  WTCE-TV channel 18 (virtual 21), Fort Pierce, FL

From Lincoln, NE circa 2013:  WRVQ 94.5 Richmond, VA.

The farthest away I’ve logged TV at my home is KAKE Wichita at about 392 miles, with runner-up WIBW Topeka at about 304 miles.

My best tropo FM reception with my current setup, by distance, is KROR-FM Hastings, NE (about 470 miles), logged on 9/26/2020. (That same day, I suspect I also received KLNE Lexington, NE which would be further, but never logged positive ID.)  However, the most elusive station logging is probably WHZN-FM 88.3 New Whiteland, IN (about 233 miles) as it transmits with 1 Watt horizontal ERP and 7800 Watts vertical ERP, with a directional antenna not aimed in my direction.

My current FM e-skip record is XHEC-FM, Sabinas, Coahuila, MX logged on 6/21/20.

My current translator/LPFM record is K227BK Poplar Bluff, MO at about 140 miles, logged on 9/14/19.

My NWR record at home is WXL64 Keiler, WI logged on 9/17/19.


AM Radio?

I do not currently have a setup or location conducive to AM DX. There is too much noise and interference to the point that even local St. Louis signals are not clear. However, over the years I have received plenty of Mexican and Canadian AM stations in rural Nebraska, and stations all over the eastern and southeastern US from a location on the edge of Columbia, MO. At present, AM is not my focus since I would need to modify my setup in order to get reliable AM reception.


Mobile LTE

I am also very active on mapping the range and coverage of cell phone signals. Check it out and if you have an Android phone, download the app to begin contributing information on mobile networks in your area.