KMOV relaunch from new studio on December 2

KMOV meteorologist Kristen Cornett posted on her Facebook page that the debut broadcast from the new studio in Maryland Heights will be next Sunday, December 2nd, at 10 PM. Also, KMOV has been teasing a new stylized “4” logo in some recent promos on-air....

8 November 2023

Logged KZSN Hutchinson/Wichita, KS 102.1 at 5:02 AM. It is otherwise a quiet morning, so far, on a day forecast to have record high or near record high temperatures.

7 November 2023

Logged KFXJ 104.5 from Augusta/Wichita, KS at 1:06 PM CST today. In addition, some other regional stations including KPOW 97.7, WFMB 104.5 and KGRS 107.3 have also logged in the past few hours, as well as 820 watt KLMZ 107.1 from 69 miles away.