Appx. 7:30 to 8:00 AM

In addition to the typical local stations featured in the dial guide, I identified the following additional signals in a scan of the FM band:

88.5 – KMST Rolla, MO
90.1 – unidentified NPR station
90.3 – WMSH Sparta, IL
91.9 – unidentified NPR station over the top of K220HT
92.1 – fading between WQKQ Dallas City, IL and KMFC Centralia, MO
93.3 – unidentified classic rock station
96.7 – fading between KCMQ Columbia, MO and WCVS Springfield, IL
97.5 – WHMS Champaign, IL
99.5 – KHCR Bismarck, MO
99.7 – KTTR St. James, MO
100.9 – KRRY Canton, MO
101.3 – KTXR Springfield, MO
106.1 – both WSMI Litchfield, IL and KOQL Ashland, MO over the top of K291CW
106.9 – KTXY Jefferson City, MO

Post updated:

Appx. 7:00 PM

88.5 – WGCA-FM Quincy, IL
90.3 – WQUB-FM Quincy, IL
93.3 – WPBG-FM Peoria, IL
95.3 – WKVN-FM Morganfield, KY
104.7 – KRES-FM Moberly, MO

I’m also getting something on VHF channel 4 which isn’t strong enough to decode or get PSIP but WHBF Rock Island, IL would seem to be the most likely candidate considering the direction a lot of FM signals are coming from.

I may stop including all class B / C / C0 / C1 stations from Hannibal/Quincy as “distant” considering that KGRC and WCOY come in here over 90% of the time, often clearly, and several others including WGCA show up at multiple points throughout the day. I’m less certain at this time whether C2 stations from that market (such as KRRY) constitute fringe or DX reception.