7:20 AM

88.5 – WGCA coming in strong like a local station, as well as Hannibal/Quincy stations KGRC and WCOY.
95.3 – WKVN, a K-LOVE station in Kentucky serving the Evansville, IN area, and KOKX, another K-LOVE station serving the Keokuk, IA area, continue to fade in and out. Since both carry K-LOVE, it’s only possible to tell which is which at the top of the hour ID.
101.5 – WBNQ Bloomington, IL with KPLA Columbia heard in the background
105.1 – Talk station but no ID. Most likely is WGEM Quincy.
105.9 – Classic rock, no ID. Possibly KZZK New London, MO.
106.1 – Fringe station WSMI coming in loud and clear over the top of anything else on the channel including K291CW.
107.1 – Fringe translator K296HA “Westplex 107.1” the only signal this morning – no WEAI.