Fewer distant stations coming in this morning – reception is a lot closer to the typical mid-afternoon lineup. However, Columbia and Hannibal/Quincy area stations are still coming in stronger this morning.  All the usual set plus KZZT, KOQL and KTXY in Mid-Missouri, and the usual set plus WQUB, KICK and WGEM in Hannibal/Quincy.

TV scanning matches this as I’m seeing KHQA (7), KOMU (8), WGEM (10) and KRCG (12) on the high VHF band. UHF reception so far is unchanged from normal.

I’m getting NPR on 89.3 (WIPA), 90.3 (WQUB), 90.7 (KWMU), 91.3 (KBIA), and 91.9 (either WSIU or WIUS).

There’s also a mess of very weak signals on 93.3, normally an open channel with nothing but steady static.

Will of course update this if something changes, assuming of course that I have time to scan at my work desk. I’ll probably stay tuned to 93.3 for a while to see if that frequency opens up at all.

Update 7:58 AM: one of the stations on 93.3 is WPBG Peoria.

Update 7:59 AM:  on the TV side, KNLJ 20 (Jefferson City) is showing up.

Update 1:30 PM:
104.5 – WFMB Springfield over the top of KSLQ
104.7 – KRES Moberly, strong w/no interference from W284DN which usually comes in on 104.7
105.5 – KZZT Moberly still coming in; this one doesn’t usually make it here
107.9 – KLTE Kirksville; haven’t heard this one here in months

2:00 PM
92.7 – WUSW Taylorville
93.3 – WPBG Peoria
94.5 – KRXL Kirksville
95.3 – KOKX Keokuk
95.9 – WNLF Macomb, IL (only 6kW)
97.7 – KPOW La Monte, MO

2:30 PM
89.3 – WIPA (RDS reads “WUIS”)
89.7 – a couple NPR stations and something else mixing with KGNX
90.1 – WOI Ames
92.7 – WUSW
93.3 – WPBG
95.1 – mix of K236CS St. Louis and K236CK Warrenton
97.7 – KPOW
97.9 – KICK Palmyra
105.9 – KZZK New London

2:52 PM
103.7 – Audio is W279AQ Mascoutah, but HD Radio indicator is blinking and RDS display reads “WDBR-FM-1/Today’s Hit Music”. WDBR is in Springfield, IL. (2:53 PM – HD audio started cutting in – listen – analog is W279AQ and digital is WDBR)

3:00 PM
93.3 – WPBG Peoria coming in strong; HD Radio indicator flashing but not able to get digital audio. (Listen to recorded ID)

3:20 PM
99.7 – WXAJ coming in strong
107.3 – KGRS Burlington, IA only station on the frequency – no K297BI

3:30 PM
162.475 MHz – WXK82 Hannibal, MO