In addition to the stations shown in the local dial guide these were received this morning at about 7:10 – 7:45 AM.

TV DX first this morning.  In addition to the usual Hannibal/Quincy and Columbia stations showing up…

  • WREG-TV 28 (virtual 3) Memphis, TN logged at about 7:10 AM

At about 249 miles per Google Earth, this is the new record longest TV capture at my location, exceeding the previous distance record of KSMO-TV (Kansas City) at about 225 miles.  I will update the “Dial Guide” page to show WREG-TV as the record and KSMO-TV as the runner-up meaning KYTV Springfield gets bumped out of the “record” list.


  • 88.5 KMST
  • 88.9 KJLU
  • 89.3 WIPA
  • 90.1 KKFI
  • 90.3 *colliding signals (normally no reception)
  • 91.3 KBIA with other signals
  • 91.9 KCKF
  • 92.7 KLOZ
  • 94.3 KATI with W232CR
  • 95.1 K236CK
  • 95.3 K-Love, probably KOKX
  • 95.9 KYLS
  • 104.7 KRES
  • 105.1 WGEM
  • 105.3 KZNN (and others)
  • 105.9 KZZK
  • 106.1 KOQL
  • 106.9 WWYN (McKenzie, TN)
  • 107.3 KGRS over local K297BI

8:15 AM update:

89.9 is now KMCV-FM High Point
91.9 is now WSIU
93.3 now coming in – KMXV
94.3 – local signal W232CR has dropped out altogether for KATI
96.7 is now KCMQ
104.3 is now KRKN Eldon, Iowa
106.9 is still WWYN – signal has faded some but I did get the 8:00 ID (listen here)

I had to check whether yesterday’s reception of KIAQ Clarion, IA is a new record, due to its location near Fort Dodge, IA (current record). It is not. The tower site of current farthest station KLFG-FM is farther north and west than KIAQ.

9:45 AM update:

3 stations on 93.3:  WPBG Peoria, KMXV Kansas City and K227BK Poplar Bluff. The latter was identified by multiple local mentions of Poplar Bluff and ads with 573 area code.  K227BK is a 250 watt translator received at about 140 miles away. This is now my distance record for a translator or low-power FM station.