Here are this morning’s (7 to 7:20 AM) non-local reception logs. In this case “local” refers to stations that are received at my location any time of day without any atmospheric help. So while KGRC, WCOY, WBBA, WGCA, KJIR, KBIA, etc. are not local stations in the St. Louis radio market, they are regarded as local whenever I do a dial scan because those stations always come in, and often come in well. In other words, receiving those stations is the baseline, and not anything out of the ordinary.

  • 90.1 – KKFI Kansas City (this one is very common to receive here, but still requires atmospheric conditions to be right – it does not come in 100% of the time)
  • 90.3 – WMSH Sparta (either this or WQUB Quincy often comes in, but there are also a lot of times there is nothing at all on 90.3)
  • 92.7 – K224EZ Union, MO was stronger than also-audible local St. Louis area station W224DC
  • 93.3 – WPBG Peoria (I can go a week without getting this one, but when it comes in, it often comes in every morning for several days)
  • 95.1 – K236CK Warrenton, MO (this is almost a local station but nonetheless K236CS St. Louis is what I normally get on 95.1)
  • 97.5 – WHMS Champaign (instead of WBBA Pittsfield, IL which I regard as a “local” because it always comes in unless drowned out by another station)
  • 99.7 – KTTR St. James (this has been very consistent this month nearly every morning, but it’s gone by noon)
  • 101.5 – KKSI Eddyville/Ottumwa, IA and WBNQ Bloomington both audible.  Normally I get a weak but steady signal from KPLA Columbia on this frequency.
  • 107.3 – KLPW Steelville/Rolla audible behind local St. Louis HD2 translator K297BI