In addition to the stations shown in the local dial guide these were received this morning at about 7:10 – 7:30 AM.

Seeing a lot of stations to the west coming in well while everything to the northeast is weak. I’m either not getting at all, or having significantly reduced reception of, anything to my northeast in Illinois, even stations only about 10 miles distant.

88.5 – KMST
88.9 – KJLU
89.9 – KMCV (over local WLCA)
90.1 – WOI
91.1 – significant interference on WIBI (can’t identify what’s interfering)
91.7 – mix of KSUI Iowa City and KJIR Hannibal
93.3 – KMXV
94.3 – KATI (no W232CR at all)
95.1 – K236CK (no K236CS at all)
96.7 – KCMQ
97.5 – KJMO
106.1 – KOQL
106.9 – KTXY

KJLU is coming in strong enough to display RDS.
Also, while it always comes in a little, KBIA 91.3 is as clear as any major St. Louis area signal this morning (with RDS but not HD Radio).

WOI (Ames) and KMXV (Kansas City) have become very regular at my location this week.

7:35 AM update:

92.9 – Normally-reliable KGRC 92.9 is experiencing interference from two stations at my location, one playing The Police (classic hits format?) and another that seems to play a Top 40/Hot AC format similar to that of KGRC.  KLSC Malden and KKID Salem are the most likely guesses, but neither are identified.

99.5 – KHCR Bismarck, MO has replaced WCOY Quincy.

8:00 AM update:

101.5 is now a mix of WBNQ and KKSI.
107.3 KLPW-FM (Steelville) is coming in over local K297BI