Very little out of the ordinary on this chilly fall morning.

On 88.5, I’m getting KMST instead of WGCA. KMST has been pretty reliable since the last week of September.
On 97.5, I’m getting a mix of WBBA and WDLJ and possibly a third station as well.
99.7 is primarily WXAJ but KTTR is cutting in. Historically, WXAJ has been most dominant on this frequency but KTTR has had a very solid run recently.

And that’s it for out of the ordinary reception today. I will note the following translators coming in as they tend to get drowned out anytime a stronger signal is able to be received on the channel, but today the local area translators are all strong:

91.9 – K220HT
92.7 – W224DC
94.3 – W232CR
95.1 – K236CS
95.9 – K240ES
96.7 – K244FO
98.7 – K254CR
101.9 – K270BW
103.7 – W279AQ
104.7 – W284DN
105.3 – K287BY
106.1 – K291CW
106.9 – KWEC-LP
107.1 – K296HA
107.3 – K297BI

K296HA “Westplex 107-1” uses a highly directional antenna to focus their signal on western St. Charles County, calling their signal “geofenced”. Now, this is not true; the signal is not geofenced to drop off when outside the designated coverage area, although on car radios it’s strongest in St. Peters on west to the western exurbs. However, I’m also consistently getting it at my location in North St. Louis County.