The following stations that don’t normally come in were received between 7:20-7:35 AM this morning.

Due to how often it comes in, I will be amending the dial guide for 88.5 to list both KMST and WGCA. While this morning it was primarily WGCA, I did also hear KMST in the background. KMST has come in nearly every morning the past month, although WGCA is the stronger signal during the late morning, afternoon and evening hours.

I have dropped KSEF 88.9 from the local dial guide as it has not regularly come in for some time; KJLU has been the more common signal on 88.9 of late.

I have added K220HT 91.9 to the dial guide since it has been coming in consistently.

93.3 – KLUQ Hermann (Note: This may be a permanent change, as once KLUQ signs on for good, it is unlikely I will continue to hear other stations on 93.3 as my location will be inside the local-grade 50kW contour).  At present, KLUQ is simulcasting KWUL 101.7.

99.7 – WXAJ strongest, but KTTR also present. I will be amending the dial guide to list KTTR similar to KMST, as even though in the late morning, afternoon and evening hours I usually get a weak signal from WXAJ, KTTR still comes in nearly every morning.

106.1 – K291CW strong and clear with no other stations audible.

107.1 – K296HA loudest though WEAI was present.