Reception of distant stations is a little stronger than normal this morning around 9 AM, making some stations like WGCA and WXAJ come in stronger than normal or excluding other stations on the same frequency. Overall, though, not too much happening on the airwaves this morning as it’s a cold and cloudy day in North County.

In addition to the usual stations (including above-mentioned WGCA and WXAJ which are loud and clear, but usually come in as weak signals) I have:

88.9 – KJLU
89.3 – WIPA
90.3 – WQUB
92.7 – WUSW
105.1 – WGEM
105.3 – music behind K287BY; couldn’t tell if KZNN or WAOX
105.9 – KZZK

93.3 continues to be KLUQ, so it looks like the days of getting Kansas City or Peoria regularly on 93.3 are over. Listen to the KLUQ/KWUL station ID here, recorded on 93.3 at 9 AM.

My OTA TV setup is currently offline as I make some wiring changes, so I will not be able to check the broadcast TV dial until sometime next week.