In addition to the stations shown in the local dial guide these were received this morning at about 7:15– 7:35 AM:

97.5 – WHMS Champaign
101.5 – WBNQ Bloomington (with KPLA also present)
105.1 – WGEM Quincy
105.3 – K287CM Wentzville
105.9 – KZZK New London

St. Louis translators K236CS (95.1), K240ES (95.9), and K287BY (105.3) were broadcasting a silent signal. On the air, thus limiting what else could come in on the frequency, but with no audio.

K287CM is a new translator located about twenty miles west of my location, so it will remain to be seen if I start getting it more than K287BY St. Louis going forward. With increased congestion on 105.3, it probably does mean that other signals like WAOX and KZNN will be harder to get.  Prior to the sign-on of these translators, WAOX was a constant fringe signal at my location.  WAOX is aware of the issue and soliciting listener feedback as to the translator interference.


8:36 pm – Logged WAND-TV Decatur.