As of November 16, 2019, the “Praise” format on 1260 and 95.1 have been replaced by Christian talk as “Relevant Radio”, and at I see the following message:

  • As of November 14, 2019, WSDZ-AM is no longer broadcasting.


Meanwhile, over on 1380 and 105.3, “The Answer” is gone, replaced by Spanish-language Christian programming. The live stream at and is down.

The stations appear to have been sold to Immaculate Heart Media, Inc., operator of the Relevant Radio network. 1260 and 95.1 have flipped to Relevant’s English language programming and 1380 and 105.3 appear to have flipped to Relevant’s Spanish language programming.  1260 and 95.1 are now listed on the stations page at, but 1380 and 105.3 are not listed on the page for Relevant’s Spanish language broadcasts.