Good tropospheric ducting conditions occurred between about 10 PM and 4 AM and according to the RabbitEars live map, all across the Midwest, Mid-South and Great Plains TV stations from 100-300 miles distant were coming in. The following showed up here during that window:

7 – KHQA
10 – WGEM
17 – WAND
32 – WTJR
34 – WDAF
49 – KLJB

On the FM side, reception at 7:20 AM was essentially normal, with a few fringe stations such as KBIA not coming in audibly. Stations to the northwest including KJAB, WGCA, KGRC, WCOY and KJFM were especially loud and clear, but others from that area such as WGEM, WQUB, or KZZK did not come in at all.

The “mixed channels” where two or more stations may come in at any point on a particular frequency were as follows today:

88.5 – solid WGCA
88.9 – mix of KJLU and KSEF
95.1 – mix of K236CK and K236CS
99.7 – mix of WXAJ and KTTR
101.5 – mix of KPLA and WBNQ
103.9 – mix of KMCR and WQCY
104.3 – mix of KVMO and KDBB
105.3 – just K287CM although weaker
106.1 – solid K291CW
107.1 – Just WEAI though weaker