Not much DX activity in the winter, so posts have been few and far between. Looking forward to DX conditions starting to improve in the spring.

My automated TV scanner picked up WRSP (Fox 55, RF 44) out of Springfield in the past 24 hours. They were originally supposed to repack on 1/17/2020 (phase 7) but were granted a delay to phase 9.

KDTL-LD in St. Louis is now transmitting just 1 program stream, Retro, on 16.2. Daystar is gone from 16.1.  Looks like Daystar has gone to KUMO-LD 32, although I cannot receive that signal at my location at this time.

WODK-LD (45.x, RF 30) has changed up their programming. I see 3ABN has replaced Soul of the South on 45.1; there seem to also be some changes on 45.2 and 45.3 but I have not identified the programs yet.

On the radio dial, I am getting the following this morning (aside from the standard dial guide) around 9:20 AM:

  • WGCA 88.5 – strong/clear
  • WIPA 89.3 – strong signal with no static
  • Collision on 91.9 – K220HT and a NPR station
  • KLOZ 92.7 – some static but strong enough to fully drown out W224DC
  • KWRH-LP 92.9 – collision with KGRC
  • W232CR 94.3 – note: coming in as usual but now separate from WGBZ as “My Mix 94.3”. (listen to ID)
  • WQLZ 97.7 – some static but fully drowning out KHZR
  • WXAJ 99.7 – strong, no collisions with other stations
  • WBNQ 101.5 – strong, no collisions with other stations
  • WGEM 105.1 – weak signal
  • K296HA 107.1 – static, but still strongest signal on the frequency.