In addition to the stations shown in theĀ local dial guide these were received this morning at about 7:30 AM:

89.3 – WIPA
90.3 – WQUB
92.9 – KWRH*
101.5 – KKSI
104.5 – K283CI
105.1 – WGEM
105.5 – KZZT
105.9 – KZZK
107.3 – KGRS


7 – KHQA

KWRH-LPFM is becoming very common on 92.9, which is a change as previously 92.9 was solidly KGRC with nearly fringe-local reception. May need to amend the “dial guide” to list 92.9 as a frequency that can go either way instead of listing KGRC as typical reception on 92.9.

This was the first time I’ve ever logged K283CI at my location despite the relative proximity; assuming KSLQ was off the air at the moment as there wasn’t even a hint of that station on 104.5.