The cool weather across the lower Midwest during the month of May led to very few opportunities for receiving distant stations aside from brief E-skip windows. Furthermore, I was away for one-third of the month of May. However, I did receive some distant signals while staying just east of Destin, Florida, including:

WFTS 17 (Tampa)
WTOG 19 (Tampa)
WFTT 25 (Venice/Tampa) — incorrect PSIP data as the PSIP showed KTFV McAllen, TX but that station operates on a different frequency
WXXV 25 (Gulfport)
WWL 27 (New Orleans)
WVUE 29 (New Orleans)
WPXL 33 (New Orleans)
WRXY 33 (Tice/Fort Myers)
W33EG-D (Pascagoula, MS though licensed to Lumberton)

Local and semi-local signals received (some intermittently):

13 – WMBB
14 – WFGX
15 – WPMI
16 – WJHG (constant)
17 – WEAR
18 – WMPV
23 – WDPM
24 – WSRE
25 – WAWD
28 – WFSG (constant)
30 – WEIQ
34 – WHBR
36 – WTVY (constant)

NOAA Weather Radio logged:
162.400 – KEC86 Pensacola/Milton
162.425 – WNG633 Sneads
162.450 – WWH20 Westville (also received on 162.550 at one point, which was not expected), also briefly, KEC38 Largo
162.475 – WNG646 Brewton
162.500 – WWF86 East Point
162.525 – KZZ70 Blakely
162.550 – KGG67 Panama City

21 years ago while staying in Panama City Beach, farther southeast than where I was this time, I received WXL41 Buras, LA and possibly KHB43 New Orleans (as in my logs from the time, I noted that there was an identical program to WXL41 received on 162.550 and since KHB43 and WXL41 were simulcasting at the time, that means KHB43 was also logged). I did not get either weather radio station this time, although the weather band is much more congested than it was in 2000 prior to the NOAA Weather Radio expansion push with the USDA Rural Utilities Service. I did receive a couple of New Orleans TV stations, including WVUE well enough to capture a few ID screenshots (though unfortunately not of the main Fox 8 signal, as while the signal came in great, the station did not ID over the top of national Fox HD soccer programming – though I did get IDs of each WVUE subchannel).

Am still in the process of capturing screengrabs from recordings of received television stations; these will be uploaded to my TV Screengrabs site when finished.

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