Effective Monday, KNBS 94.1 (Bowling Green) will flip from retransmitting KXBS 95.5 to retransmitting KLJY-HD3 (99.1). This will extend the newly-launched “NewsTalkSTL” format to the northwest.

A completely separate talk station known as “Real Talk 933” will also be launching Monday on KRTK 93.3 (Hermann) plus, according to their Media Kit, KVMO 104.3 Vandalia, KLPW 107.3 Steelville, WGNU 920 St. Louis, KXEN 1010 St. Louis, K283CI 104.5 St. Louis, and future K264CY 100.7 St. Louis. K295CQ 106.9 also currently rebroadcasts WGNU but was not named in the Media Kit.