I have joined the RabbitEars.info Live FM Bandscan (joining the live TV bandscan I have participated in for the last few years, and continue to do so).

The live bandscan updates every five minutes and shows FM stations I have received as identified by RDS data.


Some stations that I receive do not show on the map due to having no RDS data at all, or RDS data that fails to decode (such as for stations with an audible but weak signal).
These include:
88.5 – WGCA and KMST
89.5 – KCFV
89.7 – KGNX
91.3 – KBIA
91.9 – K220HT
92.7 – W224DC
95.1 – K236CK and K236CS
95.9 – K240ES
97.5 – WBBA
99.5 – WCOY
101.7 – KWUL
102.1 – KJFM
103.9 – KMCR
104.5 – KSLQ
106.9 – KWEC-LP

Since these stations either do not have any RDS data included in their signal, or it is too weak to decode (even as the audio programming is audible), they do not as of now show up on the map.

Other stations show on the map as intermittently received even though the audio is consistently received (such as KJAB). This is because the map relies on the RDS data being received and the audio signal may be consistently received but the RDS component is only sometimes decoded due to the weak signal.