The DX event is winding down as this is the first day since Sunday I had no reception farther than 250 miles. Still, there are a few notables (that don’t usually come in) to report.


In addition to 7 KHQA, 10 WGEM and 29 KRCG which are the three most common non-local stations logged, I also got 21 KTAJ, 34 WDAF and 36 KSHB out of the Kansas City market, as well as 27 KOMU out of Columbia (often blocked by 27 KBGU-LD St. Louis).


Notables include 107.3 KMJK, 100.7 KMZU, 107.1 KNWI and 95.1 WZDQ, as well as most of the Columbia-Jefferson City stations that aren’t blocked by a nearer station.