Radio dial and NWR dial recap from a few days ago in northeastern Shannon County, MO using a portable yellow La Crosse AM/FM/NWR radio with a short telescoping antenna.

  • 88.5 KMST Rolla
  • 88.7 KDMC Van Buren
  • 89.5 gospel
  • 91.1 KBGM Park Hills
  • 91.7 KCVX Salem
  • 92.5 unidentified, possibly KELE Mountain Grove
  • 92.9 KKID Salem
  • 93.9 KSPQ West Plains
  • 95.1 KAMS Mammoth Spring, AR
  • 95.5 KJEZ Poplar Bluff
  • 95.9 KYLS Ironton
  • 96.9 KUPH Mountain View
  • 97.5 KOEA Doniphan
  • 97.7 KQBS Potosi
  • 98.5 KTJJ Farmington
  • 99.3 KUNQ Houston
  • 99.5 KHCR Bismarck
  • 99.7 KTTR Saint James
  • 100.9 KHOM Salem, AR
  • 102.5 KKDY West Plains
  • 104.9 KPWB Piedmont
  • 105.3 KZNN Rolla
  • 106.7 KDKN Ellington
  • 107.1 KBMV Birch Tree

A brief DX window opened up while I was scanning as I also got:

  • 90.7 unidentified NPR, possibly KWMU
  • 103.5 WRBO Como, MS (Memphis) legal ID
  • 105.9 unidentified country

NOAA stations logged (consistently received stations in bold):

  • 162.425 KXI66 Piedmont (fringe)
  • 162.450 WXL66 Mountain View, AR
  • 162.475 WWF76 Summersville (local)
  • 162.500 WWG54 Yellville, AR
  • 162.525 WXN92 Harrison, AR
  • 162.525 KXI38 West Plains

A couple other items of note:

  • Bunker, MO sits on the line between Dent County and Reynolds County.  The Dent County portion is only tone-alerted by WWG76 Summersville. Reception is spotty though it helps that Bunker is on a hilltop.  The Reynolds County portion is served by KXI66 Piedmont and WWG49 Fredericktown. While both stations are audible, WWG49 is very weak. KXI66 would be the preferred station. The strongest signal when I listened was WWF75 Bourbon, which does not tone-alert for either Dent County or Reynolds County.
  • At Johnson’s Shut-Ins, at the trail head for the short walk to the swimming area, a posted sign states 162.500 (WWG49 Fredericktown) to be the local station for alerts (including flash flood warnings). However, the WWG49 signal was blocked by terrain including Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri, to the point of being barely perceptible. KXI66 Piedmont on 162.425 MHz was the strongest signal. KXI66 does serve Reynolds County, which Johnson’s Shut-Ins is located in, but does not serve Taum Sauk Mountain a short distance to the east as that is in Iron County.